April 17, 2017


Buin, Chile


Elder Terrazas

Easter, Birthday, (and no water)

Week 34: No Water & Easter
April 17, 2017

Hey guys! ( I learned to say hello in Arabic this week but I don't know how to spell it so sorry),

This last week was a long one. We spent half of it without water in the house. The water company sent us the months notice bill more than a month late, and it happened to be on a holiday, so we went Thursday-Sunday without running water. Luckily I had bottled a lot of extra water and some members let us use their shower.

Also Elder Strong's birthday was this week! I sent a video of my companion and I messing with him, but it's in Spanish so hopefully you can understand what's happening.

On Pday my comp and I went and got Arabic food. It was super tasty. I was a little nervous about eating there, because everybody down here is freaking out about the situation with the US and Syria, and I stand out a bit as a gringo. Luckily they were super nice and I don't think they spit in my food or anything.

Also we found a gringo that lives in our sector! I was really excited to talk to him. Sadly the only things he said back before slamming his door in her face were swear words about how crazy Mormons are. It was different getting cussed out in English then it is in Spanish. I feel bad for the guy. Must've had some kind of bad experience with Mormons before.

Happy Easter guys! I forgot to say that at the start. They don't really celebrate Easter down here. They just take the weekend off and eat a lot of fish, because the traditional Catholics don't eat meat this week.

We've enjoyed sharing the #PrinceofPeace videos these last few weeks. They are awesome, and if any of you still haven't watch them, I highly recommend it. During this Easter time I'd like to bare my testimony about the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ. During my time here in Chile, I've repeatedly experienced the transforming power of the atonement of Christ as I've noticed my own flaws and repented of them. I know that the atonement of Christ allows us not only to be forgiven but to be perfected. He lives and loves us.

I love you guys,
Elder Olson


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