April 12, 2017


Buin, Chile


Elder Terrazas


Week 33: Miracles
April 12, 2017


This week has been amazing. Seriously full of miracles and spiritually charged lessons.

I had an interview with President this last week, and he taught me a lot about listening to the spirit and following promptings.

This week I learned a lot about listening to the spirit. If we want guidance from the spirit we have to be in a situation where we're ready to use the guidance. For example, I can't pray in my house for God to show me where I can find a new investigator. I have to go out to my sector, say a lot more prayers, and find the general part of town where I need to be. That happened to me this week. We were in that part of town, praying about what we ought to do next. The thought came to my mind to maybe visit some members that we had planned to visit nearby. On our way there we passed a neighborhood, and I felt that maybe we should go into that neighborhood. As we turned around to return to the neighborhood we passed a seventeen year old kid with face tattoos. Didn't look very receptive, but I felt that I ought to talk to him as well. I did, and he told us we could pass by his house. When we did the next day, he wasn't interested but his older brother Andrés received us. He was full of questions. He reminded me a lot of a young Joseph Smith, in that he was very troubled about the state of his soul, and he wanted to know what church was true. He was full of questions. We taught him immediately when we contacted him, and he accepted a baptismal date for next month. He was incredibly prepared to receive us.

Another interesting side note, He lived in an area way out in the country, that we had found only 2 DAYS BEFORE. We would not have had a clue where this kid lived, and would never have found him if we hadn't already known the area. God was preparing us as much as he was preparing him.
He still has his agency, but I'm hopeful that he will be baptized.

In other news, our friend with a baptismal date for May 6 met a member this week, and firmly committed to come to church this week.

Also, we have some investigators who live way out in the middle of nowhere, and we go out there after dark and get chased by their dogs a lot. I knocked one out with a stick so that was pretty interesting.

(But to bring the point of the letter back), I know that God speaks to man through the Holy Ghost and that we can receive promptings when we are worthy, when we ask, and when we are prepared to act.

Love you guys,
Elder Olson


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