April 4, 2017


Buin, Chile


Elder Terrazas

Latter-Day prophets are a sign of God's love

Week 32: Latter-day Prophets are a sign of God's love
April 4, 2017

Friends and Fam,

It's been another great week down here in mission Chile Rancagua. I started off by going with Elder Strong down to Rancagua to do some paperwork for my carnet (Chilean ID). I got to see a lot of old friends, and I ate a Subway sandwich for the first time in almost a year.

Also, in the last week we set a baptismal date with an investigator named Jorge. He should have had a one earlier, but he had told us that he and his "live-in girlfriend" weren't married, meaning that he'd be breaking the law of chastity. Turns out that when he said they weren't married, he meant that they weren't married by the Catholic Church, but they are legally married. Whoops.

On PDay, we went out an hung out with Elder Haar and the Elders of Hospital (a little country town) in their 2 story mansion of a house. There's room for 10 Elders, but all that live there are the 4 Elders and the rats. We just hung out, played ping pong and ate food, which was fun.

The highlight of the week though of course was General Conference. There were a ton of great talks. One of my personal favorites was from Gary B. Sabin, which helped me think about how I can be a more consecrated missionary. President Uchtdorf's in Priesthood session was also a great one on the role of humility in Priesthood service. It's such a blessing that we have living prophets to guide us in our day. It's a big sign of God's love for use. I testify that they receive revelation from God and that applying their teachings will bring you blessings.

Con muche amor,
Elder Olson


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