March 29, 2017


Buin, Chile


Elder Terrazas

Bonjou and Fixed Sink

Week 31: Bonjou (French Creoit) and fixed sink
March 29, 2017

Bonjou, (Haitian Creole for "Greetings")

Hey everyone, it's been a pretty long week to start off the transfer, but also a pretty good one. We've been finding a lot of new investigators in the last few weeks. Now the trick is just getting them to progress.

Every Saturday we've been teaching English classes in the chapel. This week wee had some Haitians come in at the end looking to learn Spanish, so we taught them Spanish and now Elder Strong and I are learning French Creoit, the language of Haiti. So far we've had a 5 minute crash course and we've compared Spanish and Creoit pamphlets of the Plan of Salvation, so we're basically pros. :-)

Also, we fixed our kitchen sink!
I just dumped a load of what I think is called Hydrochloric Acid in English. Supposedly the stuff eats cement, and luckily it worked.

The Ramirez Family, the less active member that wants to receive the priesthood, came to church this week. They also had an interview with the branch president and a family home evening with the family of one of the counselors. The father, Jonathan, still hasn't quit smoking 100%, but we're seeing big improvements.

This week I read a talk by Ezra Taft Benson about pride. The majority of our sins and weaknesses come from our pride, and I know that pride can be a big problem for me. I've enjoyed seeing this week, as I've worked on my pride and my perspective of other people, that I've been able to learn a lot more, which has been awesome.

Mwen Renmen ou, (Haitian Creole for "I love you")

Elder Olson


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