March 14, 2017


Buin, Chile


Elder Terrazas

Lost in the work

March 14, 2017


Wow, this will be the last letter of the transfer. This one seriously flew by. I've been a lot more focused on keeping my mind and heart in the work, which has helped me a lot.

This week we took a trip to Rancagua for a training conference. It was great as usual, our mission president is seriously incredible. Super driven and full of energy. One of the themes we talked about was talking with everyone we see. After the conference we wanted to put it into practice. Among the people we talked to was the woman next to me on the bus. We talked for the entire hour ride, and she ended up asking me about how she could have eternal life, and I taught her an entire lesson. It was pretty cool.

Also, this week we taught a 12 year old kid named Ignacio. We have another appointment to teach the whole family, but the first lesson was just him. We passed by later in the week and asked him how his reading and praying went. He said, "yeah, and I got my answer. He told me that it was all true and that I need to keep listening to you guys and do what you say, and if I keep on a good path everything will turn out alright." It was the fastest and surest answer I've seen so far, and I'm hopeful that he'll keep progressing.

On Monday, we got out of a lesson a little late. The lesson was in the other town, Alto Jahuel, about 5 miles from Buin where we live. We came out to find my companion's front tire completely flat. As we walked, we ran into a guy drunk out of his mind named Sergio. After throwing every curse work in the book, he took us to his house and patched my companion's tire (which was really impressive given how drunk he was). So, shoutout to my man Sergio. Really though, it was a tender mercy which I was really grateful for.

Les quiero,
Elder Olson


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