December 16, 2016


San Clemente, Chile


Elder Santini

Prayers and Faith

December 16, 2016

Friends and Fam,

Hey everyone, another crazy week here in San Clemente. Actually, I spent most of the week outside of my sector. On Wednesday we had the opportunity to participate in a Christmas program in an addiction recovery facility. We sang a lot of Christmas hymns and a version of "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul." The spirit was so strong.

This week Elder Santini went to the temple up in Santiago to finish off his mission, so I took the four hour bus ride to Licanten to do exchanges with an Elder Pollard. That seriously has to be the prettiest sector in the mission. We had some good visits, and the second day I got to go to the beach! We weren't going to go, but we had a baptismal interview with a kid from a nearby beach town. He was going to come to Licanten, but plans changed when we got a call saying that the kid's mom had been stabbed. It was a really crazy situation, but he's going to be baptized and his family's starting to take lessons. Pretty awesome.

Awhile ago we contacted a woman named Mary who had recently lost a daughter. We shared the Book of Mormon and Alma 40:11-12, set an appointment to teach her, and never saw her again. A month went by without any contact, but on Sunday we found her again. She started reading, and she says that our book has changed her life. She's shared it with her boss and nephew, and she reads it to her aunt and every time it makes them both cry. She has a testimony as strong as any member here. Obviously we were thrilled, but she got a call from her boss calling her to work up north for the next 4 months. She leaves this Thursday. We're going to do everything we can to make sure the missionaries up there get her reference, and I'm confident that she'll be baptized at some point, even if I don't get to see it.

During my time in the mission I've seen a lot of little miracles, and a few not so little. This week especially, I've seen answer to prayer after prayer. I also know that these blessings have come to us through faith. I testify of Matthew 17:20 and 21:22, that through faith accompanied by action you can accomplish any righteous goal that you may set.

Much love and Merry Christmas!
Elder Olson


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