September 8, 2016


Mexico CCM


Elder Caden Musselman

Week 2 in the CCM

Dear Friends and Family,

I don't have a lot of time, as usual, so bare with me if there are typos or other mistakes. The second week has simultaneously flown by and dragged on forever. We've visited the infirmary twice this week, both times for my companion. The first time he got a bug bite which swelled up from dime size to baseball size in about twenty minutes. The second time he accidentally ate a hot pepper at lunch and chugged 3{4 of a gallon of milk to cool off, which screwed up his stomach big time. We got to see a broadcast from D Todd Christofferson this week, and will get to hear from two more apostles live from Provo next week. What a time to be in the MTC. We tried to speak only Español for 24 hours twice this week as a district, but so far we're yet to make it past lunch. Everything is going well, we had a great experience this week spontaneously sharing our mission scriptures. Mine is Jacob 5:71, and my comps is Helaman 5:12. Both great scriptures. My district plays soccer every day; we're trying to train so we can handle the 6 year olds in Chile. One Elder has already broken a foot though, so we probably need to dial it back. Last PDay we had the chance to do a session in the Mexico City temple, which was awesome. Afterwards, my companion wanted to go talk to some kids outside the visitors center with their grandma. We´re a good team, because I wouldn't have thought to talk to them and he can't talk to them because his Spanish is still pretty rough. It was great practice.
I hope everything is going well back in the states, I love you all.

Hasta luego,

Elder Olson

P.S. My mom says she shared a website that allows you to send letters for free to me while im here in the ccm. That works really well for me bc i can read them during the week without using any of my email time. Gracias y les amo <3


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