October 9, 2017


Rancagua, Chile


Elder Davis

week 59: God Directs Us

Bonswa, kouman ou ye?

Sorry I forgot to do a recording again, whoops! Time management is a skill I'm still working on.

But hey this was a great week. We found a ton of news this week! Some of those were in a house full of haitians. My comp was inspired to start learning creole, so I've had some opportunities to practice! Fun stuff.

This week we went to get an emergency water supply from wal-mart on an odd prompting we had. As we were leaving the store with 40 liters of water a guy pulled up in a car and offered a ride if we could drop flowers off at his co-workers girlfriend's house for him (long story). The girlfriend was super excited and we got the guy's number and address and we have plans to teach him. I think God guided us into that situation.

In other news, changes are this week! I'll let you know how it goes. Maybe I'll go train in a whitewash. That'd be fun.

Yesterday we had a new investigator who had attended church with a friend years ago and really wants to attend again but feels nervous to go. He has some real potential. Also we got a referral from who had a dream that he needed to become a Mormon. I'll let you all know how the appointment goes! But the moral of the story is share the gospel with your friends and one day they could find their way to the missionaries.

Love you guys take care!
Elder Olson


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