September 25, 2017


Rancagua, Chile


Elder Davis

week 57: God's help

September 25, 2017

Hey everyone!

Sorry about this but I forgot to do the voice recording this morning so you'll have to make do with an old fashioned email!

This change is flying by. This week was kind of a tougher one, so from saturday to sunday I fasted, and during that fast the heavens opened for us. We started finding new investigators, we had visits with members, and we suddenly had a LOT to do, which was fantastic. I was very grateful for God's help because on our own we haven't been accomplishing much.

I did intercambios (exchanges I think) in Rengo this week with my "Brother" Elder Bento, the only other trainee of Elder Santini (my trainer). Afterwards we spent a while fixing the Hermanas' alarms bc the secretaries have delegated that to us now. Lots of work.

I've talked to my man Elder Guariglia down in Curicó and it sounds like they're having lots of success down there! One of my investigators who's baptismal date we'd set was baptized last week and my awesome atheist friend Roberto has attended a baptism and the devotional for young adults and prays on his knees now and has a baptismal date for the 15 of October.

Idk if I told you guys about the rec center with the free weight room by our house, but we've been there twice now and its great. It's my last hope of remaining in shape. Love it.

I quickly want to share my testimony with you of general conference. Take advantage of the opportunity to listen to the Prophet's voice! It's a true privilege.

Love y'all,

Elder Olson

Note from Elder Olson's mom: I thought it was funny in his closing to me he said "bye" but admitted it took him 3 tries to spell "Bye" correctly. He's truly becoming more and more immersed in the language and culture.


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