March 17, 2020


Culiacan, Sinoloa, Mexico


Elder Huerta

The good news. I ate my vitamin pills!

So maybe I can answer some of your questions in this email. First off, the work is normal except that we don't invite people to church, other than that its normal. So as you can imagine we have been giving it everything we've got. It has been an adjustment not inviting people to come to church but we have some baptisms lined up. They hadn't told us very much but they just sent us an email that we need to use those medical masks from now on, and can't come within three feet of people, eat fruit and other stuff like that. We are going to keep preparing people for baptism but instead of being several church attendances the people will need a lot of ministering on the part of the members.

Anyways, they didn't give us instructions but we decided to buy some supplies in case things get wild here, about 70 hotdogs, wheat flour, oatmeal, beans, rice, tortilla mix, and soy meat. That's our food storage. I bet we can make it a month haha. Some of the missionaries got worried and a little sad when they heard all the coronavirus rumors but I have been extra excited trying to get all the other missionaries excited too.

Yesterday was an interesting Sunday. We had a small sacrament meeting in the house of the same people who had the funeral the other week. It was a really nice meeting.

I was told that the Prophet Russell M. Nelson said that this time is not a vacation. I would hope that we could take that advice to heart, it is pretty difficult to doubt that he is the Lord's prophet. If the spirit didn't confirm that to anyone before the facts confirm it pretty well. Home centered church, food storage and come follow me is only some of the evidence of our modern day prophets. I was thinking about how Jerusalem was destroyed in 586 BC. The prophet Jeremiah prophesied it would be destroyed more than 20 years beforehand as well as Lehi who prophesied the same later on. The Jews tried to kill Lehi and threw Jeremiah in jail. The Jews when they were taken captive as slaves to Babylon said if only they had listened to the prophets, if only they had repented it would have turned out differently. Now we see in our day people who surely think if only they had listened about this advice of a food storage, maybe they wouldn't be facing this uncertainty now in these days. We should take advantage of this time we receive to come closer to Jesus Christ instead of using it as a vacation. We should follow the Prophet, it will be better than later on regretting not doing so and saying our own if onlys.

I know we have a living prophet. I know that Russell M. Nelson is the Lord's servant and his messenger to the world. The spirit confirmed him a prophet in my heart during the solemn assembly when he was sustained. I know that all who follow his advice will be blessed because it is the advice of our Heavenly Father. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Les amo,
Elder Nye


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