July 22, 2019


Los Cabos San Jose, Mexico


Elder Imperetore

Sacrifice versus Consecration

The last week was great, I would send pictures but these computers are full of photo eating viruses.

I have been thinking about Repentance, Sacrifice and Consacration. One thing is certain in life and it is that we must repent or in other words change. Its part of life, its something we have to do in order to find happiness. If we dont do it we can not be saved. When we repent we have to sacrifice things like bad desires and poor choices. Then eventually we have to repent again to consacrate good desires and good choices. Consecrate means give completely to God without reservations. So there is a pattern which becomes learn (which is a part of life), repent, sacrifice and then learn, repent, consacrate. We learn in D&C 131:6 that no man can be saved in ignorance which teaches us that we must learn in order to be saved. If we learn then we must repent and sacrifice or repent and consacrate. The thing is that to be exalted or in other words saved in a state of never ending happiness we have to consacrate and not just sacrifice. Therefore we can remember that sacrifice is a lower law than consacration. Sacrifice is a law which permits us to be saved but not in a state of never ending happiness. Only consacration allows us to be exalted. If we want to be saved we must sacrifice, then we must consacrate in order to be exalted.

Questions of the week: What holds me back from learning more about Jesus Christ? What have I not sacrificed that I must sacrifice eventually? What can I consacrate now (give completely) to the Lord?

D&C 105:5

Have a great week!
Elder Nye


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