May 20, 2019


Los Cabos San Jose, Mexico


Elder Cano


I am in the thick of mango season again, time flies.

I have been working in the poorest part of my area. Its called the Bado. I have always enjoyed working in the poorer parts of my areas. This place is cool because every time theres a hurricane it washes out all of the homes and so they have to rebuild every couple of years, most of the homes are made of scrap wood with a tin roof. I find it quite persistent how they keep living there.

Its funny how sometimes el chamuco (satan) likes to pull out all the stops. Last week we were going to baptize one sister but sadly she was in the hospital from wednesday until today. Shes excited for this weekend though. Another brother who had planned to be baptized this saturday has been in jail since thursday. We are fairly positive hes innocent but hes still there. I think he has been framed for assault. I am gonna keep hoping that hes innocent. #FREEROBERTO Another brother who was planning on this weekend was attacked by his family and they lied to him about us, he told us not to come back. Sometimes things dont go the way we hope but "its part of life, its why we are here." I am really happy that I can find ways to overcome these challenges.

I have really enjoyed relistening to the last general conference. President Nelsons messages were and are amazing, I know he is God's prophet. I have been reading in the book of mormon as usual but now I am reading about my favorite prophet; Abinadi. I am always inspired by his boldness and how he truly declared repentance to king Noah and his priests. For example Mosiah 12:19.

Alma 34:31

Love you all, have a good week,
Elder Nye

From Jen:
JACOB EXPLAINED today that he lost all of his pictures from February off his camera. He is super sad about this- and states it was related to the computers at the internet cafes. Now, he does not trust them. He is taking pics, but not sending them for fear of losing more.


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