April 30, 2019

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Notes from Jacob's phonecalls

Jacob talks about the different people he is teaching. This week, he mentioned a lady that is 32 years old. About six months ago, she got in an accident. She has significant nerve damage in her legs and is in a wheelchair. Her kidneys are failing so she is on dialysis. We talked about how sometimes our trials are pretty small and worldly when we see severe trials others are experiencing. Jacob said she did not want to be a burden in going to church. They did not accept no for an answer and got her to church. It was so spiritual did her and filled her with hope and the spirit. Now, they are working on finding members to drive her.
The man they baptized that he spoke of in his letter, Tiofilo, is 18. It was quite a surprise and a miracle to have him move to baptism so quickly. He said he has a girlfriend who is 15 and lives in another part of Mexico. They are getting her address so the missionaries can go and teach her. They have a one year old child together and will be getting married sometime soon.
Jacob also said he was going on splits with the ZL tonight and that to drop off his companion and get the ZL would take about 3 hours. Then, they will go on splits in his area. Quite the production and things we take for granted- like cars and good roads.

He is loving his mission and says he is filled with happiness even when things are hard. We talked about trials and how they refine us. Dealing with disappointments help us learn to be happy in any circumstance.


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