March 4, 2019


Los Cabos San Jose, Mexico


Elder Cano

Sunday Funday!

Well the week was great. My favorite part of every week is usually Sunday morning before church. In this area we go to sacrament meeting at 12, It seems super late but we make the best of it by following up with everyone who said they were gonna go to church. Since we have so much extra time we do a really in depth follow up. I think I talked once about the Sunday morning when I chased down a truck full of investigators. The best stories happen on sunday mornings because the responsible adults who committed to go to church turn into children. The part that makes us laugh most (because its better than crying) is the lies we receive from these adults. They nearly always contradict themselves in their lies which proves the promise true that the rightuoess will not be confounded. The thing I like most about sunday mornings with follow up is that we always find out who has true intention, who doesnt, and who needs help to understand the doctrine. I also love that Sundays I can be as bold as I feel I should and in place of being seen as rude, it is perceived as conviction and faith. Sunday mornings are my favorite.

One investigator was called by his bosses on Sunday morning to go to work. We talked with him a few minutes, resolving his doubts and he said he would come to church with us and told his bosses he couldnt make it to work. That shows that he really has the true intention and a sincere heart. He is one of my favorite investigators and is fighting his meth addiction. It will take some time but he has been progressing a lot as well as has been clean for a good amount of time.

My companion is great. I think I mentioned he is from Bolivia, its funny to see the things he does differntly. He doesnt like eating with his hands, I guess that in bolivia they only eat with silverware. Hes pretty shy as well but we are working together on changing that.Also I made him eat a hamburger with his hands, that was a good step hahahaha.

I am doing good. In my reading of the Book of mormon I just finished 2 Nephi chapter 2. That chapter really "speaks to me." I dont think I could pick just one part of that chapter to share because I love all of it. I really feel like verses 7 and 8 are the reason why missionaries do what they do.

Love you all, have a good week,
Elder Nye


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