February 25, 2019


Los Cabos San Jose, Mexico


Elder Cano

God Answers Prayers

It was a really great week apart from the fact that a virus ate a months worth of my pictures in my camera. It was the month of January, I am going to be more careful from now on. It was sad.

I got really sick last week. On Sunday we ate meatballs the size of baseballs and I dont think they were cooked very well so I was sick all week. I worked at the same pace, it helped that Elder Cano was nice enough to listen to me when I said I wanted to work like normal all week. I have never been more tired as a missionary, it made me really thankful when I got better because now I feel like I have energy to do anything. I am going to try not to complain about being tired ever again.

All week I prayed that we could bring people who had never been to church to church in order to prepare for the month of March. I prayed and worked as hard as I could despite being sick. We brought four new people to church on Sunday apart from the others, the cool thing was that three of those people were committed to go to Church saturday night and Sunday morning. I was really thankful that even though at the end of the week when it looked like we were only going to bring one new person to church that I kept working as hard as I could. I know that faith is the power to make things happen and I know that if I ask and then do everything I can, God will always answer my prayers.

I love you all, have a good week,
Elder Nye


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