September 24, 2018


Mazatlan, Mexico


Elder Tapia


Just kidding, we didnt get anything down here in Mazatlan. Ive been told repeatedly al the missionaries are fine and I am sure they are working hard up there. Dont ask me what happened, all I know is theres a lot of water in Culiacan and Los Mochis, I assume hurricane but I havent had time to ask. I heard it was a tropical depression, whatever that means. I dont know those sophisticated weather terms but i have the basics; hot and humid.

I am doing really well. I am speaking spanish at a point near fluency. Thats been an amazing blessing, my problem more than anything now is vocab, I never liked to study vocab but I am gonna get to it so I can feel more like me. Not speaking well or being able to can turn you into a boring person.I am climbing out of that hole. The best thing I have done is running in the mornings. I feel better the whole day. I started eating habeneros last week and found that Jalepeños and Ceranos now are like carrots or bell peppers. Then I got sick so my spicy days are coming to a close:( HAHA oh well. The coolest part was biting habeneros and not crying or even turning red. Not healthy.

We wrap our cameras in socks here, reason number one is because we cant afford cases and if we could reason number two makes a case not worth buying. Reason number two has a story to go with it. Elder Lagos my zone leader and great friend from chile was robbed a couple weeks ago with his companion. To make a long story short when the robber asked what the camera was and he said a pare of socks he ended up keeping his camera. That was a miracle for sure. I dont have any problems here though, people just stare at me.

We had a multizone conference last week, President Gabaldon is awesome!

I love you all, have a good week.


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