August 14, 2018


Mazatlan, Mexico


Elder Malpartida

You have died of Dysentery

Almost but not quite haha.

I had a wild week. A wild couple of weeks but now that I try to write it, I cant remember what happened. Lets start at the beginning. It was Hot. I woke up every day at 6:30 or earlier. I spoke spanish. Whats english. It was really funny, I laughed a lot the past two weeks. It was tiring.

Okay I am ready. Food poisoning got me on saturday morning and I amstill recovering. First time I have had it I think. There we white people in church on Sunday. I didnt see them until I was giving a talk in SPANISH and they happened to be on the front row. They were a white couple on their honeymoon, I was the other white guy in the building and probably the area. Apparently the guy served here from 14-16. I was confused when his new whife walked up to me and shouted "Whats Up!" Yeah caught me off my guard. We talked. They were nicce and Then I said Bye. Cool story.

Today I played basketball with some of the other missionaries in a near area. It was fun, we ate little ceasers afterwards which if you dont know I love little ceasers thanks to BYUI.

The craziest thing was Saturday. We had a Baptism but the font was full from the baptism of Carlos and it was dirty cuz this is not good water for drinking and its been awhile. The drain room was locked and we couldnt get a hold of anyone with a key. We emptied it with buckets over the course of two hours, dumping the water down the toilets and working fast, and then cleaned it with an hour and a half to spare before the baptism. Then we started filling it back up and went to bring investigators to the church. When we got back it was a foot full and the church was out of water. We had to take everyone to another church where thankfully the font was freshly full and clean with all the people who came. Some took the one small sedan a member had and the rest of us took one of the little pick up truck taxis. You can fit like 13 people in those things. The Baptism went on!! It was beautiful and even though there were challenges, we were so thankful to have had such a beautiful service. There were challenges the whole week leading up to it but I know that if we face our challenges we can learn from and overcome each failure until we succeed.

Thankful to be here. Thankful to be part of something so important. I know that this is Jesus Christ's only church on the face of the Earth and we can find true happiness here.

Love Elder Nye


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