July 16, 2018


Mazatlan, Mexico


Elder Malpartida

Thunder and Lightning

Last week was great! We worked hard and found some very good people as well as progressed a lot with our investigators that we have. I will stick around in Mazatlan for another transfer to watch my companion die. Elder Malpartida goes back to Lima, Peru in six weeks.

Its been a lot of fun, we had mole twice this last week and I likedit before the mission but it is so much better down here! I did some math this past week and I realized I can make tacos for six pesos a piece. I make some really good tacos, Elder Malpartida agrees. We will now be having tacos much more often. Thats something to be happy about. The popsicles here are called bolis. They are in plastic bags and nothing is better on a hot day, or everyday.

When we got here to Mazatlan we looked through the record books and they hadnt been taken care of in a while. The last two missionaries didnt seem to do much as far as the record keeping goes, I also dont think they worked all that hard. We had nothing to go off of and we had a small not very detailed map. Starting from scratch like that was difficult but I have learned so much. I can honestly say that in some ways the past six weeks has been tough but also very rewarding. We now know this area and many many people here as well and the record book is in tip top shape. We were not able to baptize anyone last transfer but I can honestly say due to hard work we will have some very great success in this transfer. We have been lead to many people who are so ready for this message and I know it will bless their lives.

We have one investigator named Oscar. He has a son named Oscar hijo. Oscar hijo is addicted to meth and marijuana and he is 18. I would say that we are good friends. We built a wonderful relationship with him and his father and we are working hard on helping him overcome this addiction. The spirit has been very powerful in the lessons with them. I have been studying humility and meekness this past week and it has been very cool. Christlike attributes are very improtant and I feel closer to the spirit when I study and try to apply them.

We got hit by a thunderstorm and I have never seen so much lightning, sometimes it would strike five or more times repeatedly in one spot. We were in mid lesson and the air was half water when we ran home trying to beat our curfew. The roads were rivers. We made it in good time and we also looked like we just hopped out of a pool in our church clothes. I can henestly say that the run we had in the water with the thunder and lightning was one of the most fun things I have done in the past six weeks. The roads were a little over ankle deep and we had to cross roads to get home haha it was a blast.

Anyways love you all!

Love, Elder Nye


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