July 2, 2018


Mazatlan, Mexico


Elder Malpartida

Field Trips, Immigration Officers, and English!

Hey Everyone!

I was finally told that no one could see the pictures, I think this will work much better.

Well it has been hot! I had to go to Culiacan this past week to work on some immigration stuff, more problems, whats new. Hermana Swensen had to as well. We got it all taken care of and I am not getting deported! Thats wonderful. I was there with Elder Lagos, they needed his help in the office so we went together, I stayed there from Wednesday to Saturday, but now I am back home. By home I mean Mazatlan. Culiacan felt like the United States, people have money, AC and all in all just live well in Culiacan. Here its not like that, Mazatlan is Mexico and Culiacan is America. But if you went to Culiacan you wouls probably say it was Mexico.

Things we say a lot in spanish. No Manchi = dont stain me, we say this all the time. Its common to say when someone does something you dont like but in all honesty you can use it for about anything. Zaz (sauce) = Wow. Andele, orale = Okay. We say okay as well. A poco = Seriously.

I am having fun here, I can speak pretty well and understand pretty well. This week was a big jump in improvement with the language, I cant believe the difference. I am able to talk to people on my own now, its crazy. The power of prayer is super real. I followed the suggestions on page 93 of PMG under pray with faith and the difference is amazing. It effected all aspects of my day. Real meaningful, heartfelt prayers make a world of difference.

Last night we had to be in our homes at 6 pm because of the elections so I got a picture of the sunset! I found an english dictionary when I was at office max today, sometimes they use words here we dont use in english. I am excited about that. Love you all! Have a great week and eat tacos because they are good.

Un abrazo,
Elder Nye


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