May 27, 2017



Elder Brock Erickson

Over a Month??

Dear Everyone,

This week was a good one for sure. On Saturday we got easy cheese in a package so that night we dug in like it was mana from heaven. When you are in the MTC all it takes is a can of easy cheese and a sleeve of Ritz to have the time of your life. I don't drink the soda here much, its all caffeine free so I'm not much of a fan. I stick to the water for the most part. I have been putting ketchup on everything, I don't think I have gone a meal without ketchup since I got here. I think of my dear Uncle Jeff about every meal because of it. The mayo here is the reduced fat stuff so fry sauce is pretty much a no go. The food isn't my favorite but with ketchup it can become great.

Elder Rasband came and spoke to us on Tuesday, it was really special. I was in the MTC choir and we sang Hope of Israel, Elder Schellenberg and I accidentally sat in the first tenor spot during the first practice. Our first attempt was fairly rough but we were able to sing it really well after a little practice. Moral of the story; I guess I can sing all the mens parts. Brother Eggett (the choir director) said we had a little over 200 more people than the Mormon Tabernacle Choir so that was pretty cool. It was a beautiful song, and the talk was awesome too, together it was a pretty great experience. The spirit was strong and it was fun to be in the choir.

We had the first zone tie swap, it was a major success. Many ties were traded and it was a lot of fun. When you wear a tie everyday you really get to know what you like. I now realize that some of my skinny ties are too skinny making me look taller and skinnier, luckily they happen to be a popular item here. I traded in my sidebag and broke out the backpack, best decision I have made in my time here. Easy cheese, backpacks and ties are so much more interesting than I would have thought.

I am going to the Mexico consulate in Salt Lake on Tuesday to do some visa stuff. Everyone else except for the Mexico bound missionaries have their flight plans, they got them yesterday. It makes me wonder if I will get reassigned for a transfer since I don't have my travel plans yet, I don't know. I know that according to my address I am supposed to leave on Monday the 4th. Anyways I guess I will let you all know whats going on next Saturday. I started getting sick on Thursday so I have been really tired this weekend. The time here has gone by fast.

Con amor
Elder Nye


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