March 9, 2020


Santo Domingo


Elder Poole

Los Cambios

Hello everyone!

This has been an interesting week.  We got our transfers.  I'm staying here in Santo Domingo while Elder Poole is going down south to Achupallas (near Viña del Mar).  It has been a good change with him.  I know he will bless the lives of the people down there.
Right now, we have been in a "trio" with Elder Trainor, one of our Zone Leaders.  His companion, Elder Andrade, just finished his mission and had to go down to Viña early.  So, we have been the Three Musketeers here in the Compañías (or the Three Stooges, I've heard it both ways).
This week we began working even more with a few different people.  We were blessed to have 4 of them come to church this week.  When we were talking to 3 of them Saturday night, we began to teach parts of the Restoration and the Gospel.  We needed to talk to the husband about how he felt about church the week before and before we could mention it, he started to talk about everything that he loved.  Then, before we could even invite or ask about going Sunday, he told us that he was going to bring his wife with him so that she could experience the same thing.  The Lord truly prepares the people to receive the Gospel.
We have been safe from all protests and from the virus.  Please don't worry too much.  Just keep praying and we will be okay.
Have a great week,Elder Knight


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