January 6, 2020


Quillota Barrio


Elder Martineau


Hello everyone!

Most importantly,  Happy Birthday Scotty!!!!  Secondly, Happy New Year!
I hope everyone has been able to have a great beginning of the year with new goals.  One goal that would be important for all of us is to become more like Christ this year.  In this, I challenge each one of you to read about the character of Christ.  Find one of his attributes in the Bible or Book of Mormon and make a goal to consciously develop that in this year.  Even if it be a little bit of study each week.  As we collectively make ourselves more like Christ, we will all make this world better and more prepared for His Second Coming.  If you want help in this study, you can go to">Preach My Gospel to start.
This week we had a number of people that began to listen to us, a few of whom we will go to visit this week.  One of the miracles in the people we're teaching, is that she and her husband got married about 5 months ago.  As many of you know, one of the requirements of baptism is repentance and keeping the commandments.  One of the hardest commandments for the people here to keep is the Law of Chastity.  This normally prevents many people from progressing, because they fail to see the need to keep this commandment.  With this person, it was amazing to see someone who began to keep the commandment before we even had to teach it.  We are very motivated to keep teaching her.
Today we had an interesting and very fun zone activity.  We played soccer and rugby, but we were all inside of giant blow-up plastic bubbles.  It was very fun to run into everyone.  Although, they do make you sweat a lot faster.  
I hope everyone has a great week,Elder Knight
A bunch of members from the ward.


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