September 23, 2019


Quillota Barrio


Elder Samersla

En la mitad y 18 de Septiembre

Hello everyone!

How strange.  One year in the mission.  It goes by faster than one would think.  It's true when they say that time flies.  I hope everyone has been well throughout this year.  It makes me look back at everything that has happened and everything that I have learned.  Now, I want to use the time that I have left to the fullest extent possible to help Heavenly Father's children return to Him.
This week we celebrated September 18 (the equivalent of 4th of July).  The whole country goes crazy for a whole week.  As a result, no one works; they eat a ton of food; and no one answers the door.  But, it was fun while it lasted.  
Yesterday we had a miracle occur at church.  We got to church a little early and we were waiting for the meeting to start.  I was up front playing prelude on the piano, so I was able to see everyone that entered into the room.  When the meeting started, only one person that we had invited had come to church.  We thought that she would be the only one for the first part of the meeting.  Then, right after the sacrament, I saw more people start entering into the chapel.  During different parts of the meeting, four more people came in.  Even more amazing was that two of them were people that we had met on the street during the week and invited to come on Sunday.  All in all, 5 people were able to come to church and learn more about our Savior there.  
I hope you all have a great week,Elder Knight 

September 18th


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