August 26, 2019


Quillota Barrio


Elder Samersla


Hello everyone!

Now I´m in Quillota Barrio.  Luckily, it is completely flat.  After six months of climbing and descending hills with my tie in the ground, I have a sector that is completely flat.  I`m here with Elder Samersla from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  He has a great attitude and (even better) is completely healthy.  We`re working a lot to help our brothers and sisters "come unto Christ and be perfected in him".
The ward here is very interesting.  We have about 100 that attend each week, but the chapel is super small.  Literally the size of the stage in the Arlington building.  Fortunately, that means we fill it.  We`re teaching a number of people, with a lot being from Venezuela and Colombia.  I`m excited to keep working here.
This week we went to talk with some Haitianos and one said that they couldn`t that day because they were going to play futbol.  Immediately, another told him that that isn`t good enough.  The word of God is more important than soccer and that he needed to say a different reason.  That`s why I love Haitianos, their hearts are in the right place.
One miracle that we had this week came last night when we were looking for one of the people that we`re teaching.  It was dark and we were looking for her house, but we couldn`t remember exactly which one was hers.  All of the houses look the same and we were really excited to teach her.  We said a prayer to find the house and began to knock on every yellow house in that area.  Still, we didn`t have any luck.  We found one that we thought was hers, but no one answered.  We wrote down the address to return another day, and started to leave the neighborhood.  As we we leaving, we found her!!!  She remembered us, and we were able to teach her.  That taught me even more about the importance and power of prayer and then working to the limits of our abilities.  If we had not continued searching, we never would have come across her as we left.
I hope you all have a good week,Elder Knight


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