May 13, 2019




Elder Dyson


Hello everyone!

This week was very special.  We were blessed to have the baptisms of Carlos and Marcela.  It was amazing, but also a little funny.  Right before the baptism, we did not have nearly enough water in the font, so we turned the water faster.  We then started the service and when the time came to go to the font, we found that it had flooded over and gone into the viewing room!  We just had to wait a few minutes to drain a little bit of the water, but that meant it was very high.  It was an incredible experience.  During the week when we had taught them, they had mentioned how they want to go to other countries in a few years, and why not serve a mission.  That was the best thing I could have heard from them.
One other little miracle.  As yesterday was Mother´s Day, we had the opportunity to call home.  We had a little bit of trouble finding a place to call.  The first house´s computer was broken, the church building´s internet was out, and one family wasn´t answering their phone.  As a result, we went to another house after calling them, but they weren´t there yet.  We started to head somewhere else to wait until they got there and we saw him on the way.  When we got to the house and I was able to make the call, it was right in the middle of singing "Happy Birthday" to Kensi.  It may be a little small, but it truly was a miracle.
I hope you guys all have a good week,ChaoElder Knight

Elder Dyson, Carlos, Marcela, & Elder Knight


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