May 6, 2019




Elder Dyson

¿Qué significa Asaam?

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great week.  Mine went well, not much different than usual.  We had the opportunity to eat lunch with one family this week during a holiday.  They made us a barbecue and what made it even better is that the brother works as a chef of barbecue in Viña.  It was very delicious.  As we were eating, he asked us what "Asaam" means.  At least to make sure we knew what it was.  It is his son´s name, and is a different spelling of the word "awesome".  He literally named his son awesome.
So, I found out the importance of making sure your plumbing is good this week.  I decided to wash the dishes quickly in the night before going to write in my journal.  When I finished up, I looked down and saw a giant puddle of water on the floor.  The pipes underneath the sink had disconnected and put all of that water straight onto the ground.  Needless to say, I spent the rest of that night cleaning up with two sponges.  Haha
We have had a great time teaching Carlos and Marcela.  They truly are "chosen" of the Lord.  They listen and try to do the will of the Lord always.  In the course of one of our lessons, Carlos told us that he had read the Book of Mormon from 3-5 in the morning.  That was incredible to hear.  To make things even better, he told us that he loves Nephi so much, that when he finishes the Book of Mormon he´s going to go back and read Nephi again.
The Lord truly prepares His children to receive the gospel.  I know that with certainty.  This is His work and there is nothing more important on the face of the Earth.
Have a great week,Elder Knight

The group from the MTC at the conference with Elder Andersen.(Santiago Oeste y Viña del Mar)


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