April 29, 2019




Elder Dyson

That's a Start

Hello everyone!

This week was very special.  We were given the opportunity to go to Santiago and meet with an Apostle of the Lord.  Elder Neil L. Andersen came and gave us a lot of training for how we can work and be better missionaries.  One of the most funny/interesting parts was when he asked how many people we talk with every day.  One elder spoke up and said 20.  Elder Andersen then said, "20 people, well that´s a start".  He helped us to have more motivation to share with everyone the good news of the gospel.
As we continued to work with Carlos and Marcela this week, they shared with us that they have felt like they have a spiritual thirst in their lives and that it has been lesser since we have started to meet with them.  That was incredible to hear.  One always hears about people who share those stories about when they were converted years ago, but it is completely different when it is someone you have met and are now helping to discover the Gospel.  Surely, the Church is true and the Holy Ghost testifies to us.
I was able to find a cable that allows me to connect my camera to the computer, so I should be able to send pictures more often now.
We asked President Romeu (the mission president) if he was going to take his kids to go see Endgame.  He proceeded to tell us that President Romeu cannot go to the movie theater.  But the father of Manuel and Candela Romeu can go to the movie theater.  We thought that was pretty funny.  I´ll just see that movie when I get back.
That´s about it for this week, Love you all,Elder Knight
Elder Knight with one of the stars from Disney´s Cars

Playa Ancha, Valparaíso


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