April 1, 2019




Elder Dyson

La diluvia de Levarte

Hello everyone!
This week was a little crazy.  We had to fix more of our house, to clean up a flood, to do trámites (legal papers), and we received a few miracles.
We were finally able to fix our kitchen sink.  The missionary that is called as our apartment manager came with a new faucet to put on, but we had to replace the whole thing, including the handles.  That is a really easy fix, but we were unable to turn off the cold water.  As a result, there was about 30-40 seconds where water was just spraying freely until we were able to get a hose on it.  It looked like it was time for Noah´s ark in the house.  There was so much water.  But, everything is fixed now and we were able to get it all cleaned up without any problems.
19 years, that´s a long time, but it just keeps going faster and faster.  Even though it was not a typical birthday, it truly was one of the happiest.  I know of no greater happiness than serving the Lord with all my "corazón, alma, mente, y fuerza".  
This week, we unfortunately had to drop some people from teaching because we hadn´t been able to teach them for a few weeks.  We were sad about that, but we had hope to maybe bring them to church on Sunday.  We passed by the house and called them Sunday morning, but there was no answer.  We basically gave up hope, and then, right before Sacrament meeting started, they walked in.  There is a joy that is utterly indescribable in seeing someone come closer to Christ.  There is no doubt that this is God´s true church on the Earth and that it is led by Jesus Christ through a living prophet.  Of whom, we have the wonderful opportunity to watch and listen this Saturday and Sunday.  Russel M. Nelson is the Lord´s prophet on the Earth.  Of this I have no doubt.
I love you all,Elder Knight
The Port of Valparaíso


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