March 4, 2019




Elder Rasmussen


So, this week the cambios came rolling in.  I am going to Velarte, Valparaíso.  My new companion will be Elder Dyson.  I don´t know a whole lot about him or the area, but I have heard that there are a lot of hills in Valpo.  I am excited to see the work that the Lord has for me there.
So, this week was good.  We were able to set a number of baptism dates.  One is a nine-year-old girl that asked us if Satan was an angel in the beginning, why and how did he become bad now.  That was a great question.  We covered it a little bit, and then said that we´ll explain more in the next lesson.  She is very excited to be baptized.  Most of the others are the Gonzalez family from Bolivia.  They are very sweet and are planned to be baptized this Saturday.  The mom didn´t want me to be transfered, but I know that the Lord has greater plans for them then me teaching them.
We had Stake Conference this week, and President Romeu came and had all of us missionaries stand up during his talk.  That was a very neat experience.
So, this is the last e-mail from Vicuña; but unfortunately I can´t send pictures this time, but I promise to have good ones the next time I´m able.  
Yesterday we had an interesting experience.  We were walking through town and contacting when this guy called out to us "Elderes".  He was carrying two giant bags full of fresh-baked bread.  Probably 10 kilos of bread.  He told us to take some, we tried to refuse, but he kept telling us to take some.  So we did, and he asked us to take more and walk him to the bus station.  He told us he was from Bolivia and lived in La Serena.  He said he comes to Vicuña because he has a lot of friends.  He then changed and said, actually he was a "traficante de drogas" and here was where there was a lot of money.  We then got to the bus station where he had us take a lot more bread and then left.  That was definitely one of the weirdest experiences that I´ve had in the mission.
Well, that´s about all for now.  I am very thankful for this time that I´ve had here in Vicuña to learn and become better.  I hope that I can accomplish what the Lord has planned for me.
Thank you all for your support, and love from Vicuña!Elder Knight


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