February 4, 2019




Elder Rasmussen

Intercambios y promesas

¡Hola todos!
I hope that all of you are doing well.  This week went by really well, even though we had a lot of walking.  There were a few days where we walked around all of Vicuña for all of our lessons.  In fact, on Saturday, we taught five different lessons!  That was amazing in and of itself.  It was the most people I´ve taught in one day that were receptive and wanted to learn more.
This week we had an exchange and I was with Elder McFarland in La Florida.  We had an experience very interesting while we were at lunch.  We shared a scripture about the doctrine of Christ and how important it is to share his pathway with those we know.  We then invited them to think of five names throughout the week to give to the missionaries in that area on Sunday.  One of the people started to talk about how she had tried and her neighbors are very hard to share with (as many are).  After she finished speaking, I had the impression to promise them that if they gave the missionaries five names that one of them would accept the gospel. As I said that, the spirit came into the room with an intense strength that I could almost feel it touching me.  And then, Elder McFarland testified of it and we knew that it was a valid promise.  Truly the Lord works through us and gives us what to say when we need it.
That´s about it for this week, sorry it´s so short, we had a lot of walking and contacting.
Thank you for everything,
Love, Elder Knight

The Cross in Coquimbo.

Elder Knight with Elder Estrada

Elder Knight with Elder Rasmussen

Elder Knight with Elder McFarland


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