January 28, 2019




Elder Rasmussen

El Bus

Hola todos!
This week was a lot of traveling.  We went down to Viña for a conference with Elder Bragg from the Seventy and Area Presidency.  It went really well, even though it was a lot of traveling.
We left Vicuña at 6 to get to La Serena by 7:30.  The bus to leave La Serena didn`t get there until 10:30.  Then, we were on the bus until we arrived in Viña del Mar with a few stops to pick up more missionaries.  The next day we had the conference and left at about 4 to head back up to La Serena.  We arrived there about 10:30 which meant we had to stay the night and finish heading up to Vicuña Friday morning.  A lot of traveling, but it was worth it.
Unforunately, Nelson wasn´t able to be baptized this week.  He had drunk tea in the week before, so he couldn`´t.  However, we were able to put a new baptism date for the ninth of February, so that is very good.
Okay, this week I met an Elder Butler who is from Fruit Heights, Utah and is in the same ward as Shalon, Don, Kya, and Landon.  Also in the news of a small world.  Last change an Elder Eddy came up here who is from Santa Clarita, California and knows the Larkins (He`s in the other stake).  It is amazing how small the world is and the ways that we have connections.
I guess I have a latina twin.  Some of the other missionaries told me that one of the hermanas in the south of the mission looks exactly like me, but female and latina.  I don`t know, but I guess I`ll find out eventually.
Truly the Lord has His hand in the work.  We didn`t have any of the people we`re teaching come to church on Sunday, so that was sad.  However, one lady ended up walking in before and wants to learn more about the church.  We were able to fix a date to visit her for this Tuesday and she stayed for the sacrament meeting.  I know that this church is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God to restore it.  Russell M. Nelson is the Lord`s prophet on the Earth today and he leads us through revelation.
Have a good week!Love,Elder Knight


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