January 21, 2019




Elder Rasmussen

Birthdays, Transfers, and Earthquakes

Hello Everyone!
This week was transfers... both of us are staying here.  All of our district in fact (there´s only four of us).  I am no longer in training!  I am now a complete missionary.  This week we´re going to have a special conference in Viña (the whole mission) with Elder Bragg from the 70.  I am excited for it.  We also found out that our new assistent to the president is one of my zone leaders Elder Beltran.
Also this week, we have a baptism scheduled!  Nelson has been progressing very nicely and is just about ready.  He is a stud.
This past week we said goodbye to Max (a second time).  He is a Haitian that has helped us a lot with teaching.  It was sad, but I am very glad that he is able to return to his family.
Also this week was Elder Rasmussen´s birthday!  We did a little bit of celebration.  We bought some brownies and ice cream.  It was fun.  
Also this week, I found another large spider in the pension and then, on Saturday, we had a 6.7 earthquake about 30 miles away.  Everyone here was safe, but I did hear that some people died in that city.  
It is amazing how many tender mercies the Lord has for us each day.  Truly He looks out for us and listens to all of our prayers.  
Thank you all for everything, I love you,Elder Knight
Packages!Spiders (was bigger in real life)
Actually having clouds in the afternoon)


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