January 14, 2019




Elder Rasmussen

Rice Krispies, Pretzels, and Cookies oh My!

Hello Everyone! 
This week has been pretty good.  We had a lot of work to do and we had a fair amount of success.  We finally had someone accept a date for baptism!  We have been teaching Nelson for some time now and he finally didn´t have as much fear and just opened up to us.  We placed the date for the 26 of January, so we are working very hard with him now.  
So, this week was Week 11 of our training proram 12 Semanas.  In this, I had to take the initiative in everything.  It went pretty well, just a little stressful at times.  Planning is a lot harder when it is only you.  But, I got through the week and now I only have one more until I am done with training.
This past week, I had the opportunity to make Rice Krispie Balls and give some away to people.  That was very fun, and they were very delicious.  We used the last little bit of marshmallows to try and make Rice Krispie Treats.  We didn´t actually have enough, so they were pretty hard.  
This week we also had our interviews with President Romeu.  They went pretty well and I learned a lot.  I received a bit of mail that day.  A package from Brother and Sister Cannon, a letter from Sister Brown, and a package from Uncle Jonny and Aunt Shelly.  They were all awesome and Thank You very much all of you!
One interesting experience, we were walking down a street and all of a sudden a car pulled up with a family inside.  The lady in shotgun looked at us and excitedly held up two water bottles.  They rolled down the window and the man driving said ¨Hello Elders! We saw you walking and thought you looked thirsty.  Keep up the good work, the Church is true¨, and drove away before answering where they were from.  Miracles truly happen.  
Today we had an zone activity where we played some volleyball and also, some of us were able to throw around an american football! That was a lot of fun.  I had forgotten how much fun it is to just throw the ball around.
I am excited for Nelson and all of the other people that we are teaching.  I hope that they can truly ¨come unto Christ and be perfected in him¨.
Thank you for everything,Love, Elder Knight
PS I´m starting to move photos over to Google Photos.  So, if you want access, talk to my mom at


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