January 7, 2019




Elder Rasmussen


This week began the year of our Lord two-thousand nineteen.  It will be a great one!This week I was able to get all of the music set for my speaker and it is working pretty well.  I am very thankful to have music in my life.  It truly is one of the best ways to bring in the spirit.

I can´t send pictures this week again unfortunately.  I hope that I will be able to more regularly in the future, but I don´t know.  If not, I will just have a large slideshow to present when I get back haha.
We invited all the people we´re teaching to baptism this week, but unfortunately none of them accepted.  We hope that with some more work, the spirit, and the help of members, that they will be ready.  There are a number of drunk people that we find at times.  THey have some very interesting things to say.  One of them repeatedly asked me to recite Psalms 23.  I know part of it in English, but I didn´t know the translation, or what it was from the beginning.  Because I didn´t recite it the way he wanted, he said I was a bad missionary.  He also was saying that I was just here to have fun and wasting my family´s money.  I feel very sad that so many people here have fallen under the influence of alcohol and cannot feel the promptings of the spirit.
While reading conference talks this week, I came across two very interesting talks.  The first one I started to read, and I found that it was the one where Elder Anderson talked about Kamla´s conversion and it had a picture of them.  A few days later, I was reading from the same conference and I found a talk from Elder Stevenson that talked about the conversion of Mary Elizabeth Rollins.  I remember listening to these talks in conference, but I had forgotten the details.  Truly the Lord knows what we need and provides miracles for us.
I am thankful to be serving the Lord in this time. And I am thankful for all of your support
Love, Elder Knight


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