December 24, 2018




Elder Rasmussen

¡Papá Noël es real!

¡Hola Todos!  ¿Cómo están?  Esta semana ha sido muy buena y estoy muy agradecido para todo lo que pasó.  Lo siento, voy a cambiar a inglés en tres, dos, uno...
Hello everyone! How are you?  This week has been very good and I am very thankful for all that happened.  We had a number of very good lessons this week and even had a visit from Santa and some of his elves several times throughout the week.  
     I have started to accidentally write in Spanglish in my journal sometimes.  I just start writing and I realize that some of the words or sentences are in Spanish.  I know that the gift of tongues is real and am very thankful for it.     One thing I learned this week is to never put your fresh bananas in the freezer in an attempt to make them last longer.  I did that and it made all of them go bad very quickly.  I will never be doing that again.       We were blessed to be able to find a number of great futuros and start teaching a number of great people this week as well.  Quite a few of them are Haitians and they have a great perspective.  One of them told us in our contact that there's only two options.  Either we are from God and what we say is true, or it isn't.  As a result, we are going to try to work very hard with him and the others that we found.  Yesterday we went to one house to have a lesson with someone, but he unfortunately wasn't there.  His roommates were there and they invited us in.  We began to talk and teach  Retablisman Levanjil Jezikri A (The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Creole).  We used a combination of Spanish, Creole, and an interpreter to teach.  All four of them were very interested.  We invited them to baptism, but they wanted to learn more first.  We were able to set up another time to come back and teach more.  Truly the Lord is working alongside us.     We received a number of gifts from different members and friends in Vicuña.  Surely they were acting under the direction of Santa.  This Friday, we had our zone conference with President and Hermana Romeu.  We had a lot of great games and opportunities to have fun.  We had a gigantic meal.  It was basically Thanksgiving dinner late.  Turkey, potatoes, and cranberry sauce were all there.  As great as all of that was, the best was when we sang Christmas hymns and read the nativity story.  The spirit was very strong and I am very grateful for it.  At the end of the activity, we were even visited by the Big Man himself.  Santa came out and gave us all presents and gave us hope for the coming year.       We unfortunately did not end up having our Live Nativity. We got a call from our Branch President two days before saying that we did not have enough support or people that could actually do it.  As a result, the branch had a dinner instead.  I also learned that Chilenos are even more tardy than many people in the states.  The dinner was supposed to start at 1900 (7:00 PM for you nonmilitary folk), but it didn´t start until 2100.  As a result, Elder Rasmussen and I had to eat very quickly to get back in time, but it was very nice and beautiful.  We were able to watch part of the Christmas Devotional.     There are two things that were probably the best this week.  The first is more temporal and the second is definitely spiritual.  I received a package!  I have not opened it yet, I am waiting until Christmas for that.  The patient are rewarded right? ... right?     The second was the opportunity that we had to dedicate the home of one of the families that we are teaching.  I was asked to give the prayer and I found that the words were truly given to me in the course of the blessing.  We hope to be able to continue to work with this family and help to bring them closer to Christ.     That´s about all for this week.  I am very excited to be able to talk with Mom, Dad, and all the siblings tomorrow.  Have a Merry Christmas everyone!
Love,Elder Knight
(Sorry these pictures are a few weeks late again, it takes a little bit to get a computer that I can upload them to)The Advent Calendar and Candle from Elder and Hermana Wells, reading a different scripture about Christ each day.

The opportunity to play a piano that had the pedals functioning.  It was absolutely amazing.

Taking apart pallets and reforming them to make a stable for the Live Nativity that we ended up not having.  Elder Soliz is in the back in red and Pato Bravo one of the members is on the left.  Thank you Dad and Grandpa with helping me learn how to use herramientos!

The stable almost finished.


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