December 17, 2018




Elder Soliz

The Transfer pt 2

Hi all,
  I don´t have much time for this one today, but here goes.

The first few days last week were preparing Elder Soliz to leave.  We had a few going away parties and he had to pack all of his things.  He ended up leaving a number of clothes at the pension.  Before he left, we worked on our stable for our live nativity for this week.  It is awesome.
  My new companion is Elder Rasmussen from Oregon.  He has four transfers and I am his second ¨son¨.  He is awesome and is a great example.  We speak almost completely in español.  It has helped me a lot.  In the last four days of the week we were able to achieve the goals for contacting for the week.  That was amazing.  Although we had a number of our visits fall through, we have a lot planned for this coming week.
  I learned that what is now three areas used to all be the area Compañías Bajas where my Dad served.  That is really neat.  The area has grown a lot.  During an intercambio, I had the chance to play on a piano that actually had its pedal connected and that was a blessing.  Ours in Vicuña doesn´t work.
  The new zone is great.  I am loving the mission and am learning a lot.  We had one contact (Matias) that asked us the difference between Joseph Smith and Muhammad.  We explained that the prophet for the world needs to have the proper authority and that the church must be the same as the one that Jesus Christ established.  He asked us how he could know and we gave him the Book of Mormon and explained Moroni´s promise.  He said that he will read it.  Unfortunately, we didn´t leave a way for him to contact us, but he knows where the church is.  I pray that he will act and receive the answer.  I know that the Lord will answer as long as he does his part.
  That´s about all for this week.
  I love you all
Elder Knight


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