December 10, 2018




Elder Soliz

Cambios, Intercambios, Divisiones, Ay ay ay!

     A lot of things happened this week.  Last week I found out that Dad served for a time in Compañias Bajas.  The next day, I had an intercambio (exchange) in that sector.  That was definitely not a coincidence.  In addition, the day before the exchange, Elder Soliz and I got into a taxi.  At the same time there was a woman who is a member who lives in Antofagasta.  I didn't get her last name, but her first name was Eva.  She said that she was visiting her mother who had been living in Compañias Bajas since 1995, the year before Dad began to serve his mission.  That was just another example of the Lord's hand.  It is very possible that Dad had lunch with that family at some point.     In my intercambios, I learned that La Serena is nowhere near as hot as Vicuña.  They have clouds quite often and overall it is more temperate.  I've been reading through quite a few copies of the Liahona lately, the first starting back in 2012.  One of them was a conference session.  It was the either the last conference session before I was ordained a deacon, or the first after.  I don't remember which one was the first I attended because my birthday happened the week before conference that year.  Anyways, in the course of reading it, I found that a number of my favorite conference quotes and talks were ALL in that one conference.  That was absolutely miraculous.  It gave me a lot of strength and knowledge that I know I will be using.  Just one of the talks was when Elder Uchtdorf gave his famous two-word sermon, "Stop it".  It is amazing how the Lord works through the little things.       Wednesday, we had a meeting with the asistente viajante (Travelling Assistant), Elder Diaz.  It was about elevating our efforts and being able to teach baptism and repentance right from the beginning.  I know it is a great step that will help us to work better and more efficiently.  The next day, there was a meeting for the leaders.  As a result, I was in a trio with two other elders for that time contacting.  One of them was Elder Bigler from the MTC!  I was in a trio for almost the entire day.  After the meeting, Elders Soliz and Villanueva and I went to a member's house for lunch.  This place was huge!  Even more important than the house or the food thuogh, was the spirit that was able to be brought in through the Light the World videos and the message we shared with the sister's friend.  After that, we spent the day in divisiones (splits) in compañias Altas.  I was with Elders Martin and Villanueva.  In that time, I had my first lesson with someone younger than 20.  She was 9.  It was really interesting and spiritual.  The spirit truly touches children.     I tried a version of Chilean "sushi" this week.  Really it was a california roll that they then fried.  As a result, it's not technically sushi, but it was good nevertheless.     In my intercambio with Compañias Altas, we used their brand new bikes to travel to their sector, because their new pension is actually in the Zone Leaders' sector.  I have not ridden a whole lot in the last 10 years, and at one point I crashed into a prop-up sign for a little shop.  Unfortunately, I broke...the umbrella for the table.  I was completely fine.  The people were very nice and didn't get angry.  That was a little funny.  Throughout the rest of the day, we contacted and taught some lessons.  In the course of those lessons, I found the fulfillment of the promise that our mouths will be opened and we will be given what to say in the moment.  The spirit truly was the teacher there.     We had our first practice for our Live Nativity Saturday.  It was a little difficult at times.  One thing that I've learned is that trying to get Chilenos to focus is like trying to herd cats.  Hahahaha.  It went well though.  We'll have to change it a little bit though because...Elder Soliz is being sent to Valpo with our transfers.  I don't know who is going to be coming here with me, but this time has gone by very fast and I'm thankful for all that I've learned from him.     Yesterday, right before sacrament, I was asked to give a talk on Christmas.  That was another fulfillment of the promise.  I was able to talk for ten minutes about the Savior and His gift to us without writing anything down before hand.  Truly the spirit guides us.     I'm excited to see all that the future holds.  Remember that Christ is the true reason for Christmas.  He truly is the Light of the World and gives to each of us of that light.  Please share that Light with the others around you.
Love,Elder Knight
P.S.I found a workaround with my pictures this time.  I don't know how often it will work though.
A Christmas tree at the local mall

Elder Knight, Elder Pigott, and Elder Carr (Elder Carr dies this transfer)

Some goats we saw as we were walking to the giant house for lunch.
District One plus Elder Diaz after playing soccer.(From left-to-right) Elders Price, Soliz, Christensen, Martin, Villanueva, Diaz (below), Beltran (above), Hill, and Knight
Compañias Altas at sunset (Elder Hill in the background)


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