December 3, 2018




Elder Soliz

Light the World! And December in Summer?

Hello Everyone!
     This week wasn't as completely filled or exciting as past ones (also, my journal is packed right now so I can't look back as well).     First, at our District meeting on Monday, Elder Soliz gave us a training utilizing a story from Dragon Ball Z and some paper cutouts that he had made.  It went pretty well, and it made it fun.  Hermana Wells, one of our senior missionaries, brought us brownies and delivered a package that I received from home.  I waited until the night of the next day when we returned to Vicuña to open it.  It was the rest of my contacts and my belt that I actually left at home.  In addition, it had a bunch of candy.  It truly was a gift and I am very grateful to everyone involved in sending it.     We didn't have any exchanges this week, largely because we didn't have any money.  We helped a member out with a bus ticket on Tuesday and we had just enough for that and for us to return to Vicuña thankfully.     Unfortunately this week, we had a number of our visits fall through.  One of them actually happened while we did splits with two of the members.  I was with our Branch Mission Leader, Pablo Bravo, and we went to visit with Daniel (a future that we had set a visit with).  When we got to his house, no one was there.  We then went to try a different future, Mauricio, but no one was there as well.  We decided to visit with a less-active family and that went very well.  We shared about how important it is to keep the commandments of the Lord and how He blesses us when we do.  Pablo is a great teacher.  I hope to be able to teach like him later in the mission.     We were able to set a date for another person for baptism this week.  His name is Steevenson.  He came to church with Bob and he came again this week.  We are very optimistic with him.  He is very humble and wants to learn a lot.  Speaking of people who attended Sacrament, we had another family that we have been talking to for a bit come.  Juan and Ingrid and their two sons came.  We had talked to them in the week and they said that they were moving their schedules so that they could attend church.  We haven't really taught them many lessons yet, but they felt the prompting of the spirit and did it without making the commitment with us.  Truly the Lord prepares people.     Saturday marked the launch of Light the World with the day of service.  Elder Soliz and I helped one of the members here in her garden and also were able to give her a blessing of health.  This was the first priesthood blessing that I gave in Spanish.  While I didn't have a ton of words for it, the spirit was very powerful and I know that the Lord was with me during it.  Blessings are a little harder here, mainly because everyone has four or five names.  After helping in the garden, we cleaned the chapel.  We are very excited for this month and the spirit that comes with it.  It is a little strange that it is now December and it is summer.  I am getting more and more tan and more and more "rubio" (blond) every day.  Elder Soliz told me the other day that when he first saw and met me, he thought that I was from Venezuela.  I don't know where he got that idea, but it is funny.     Anyways, that's about it for this week.  Once again unfortunately, the computer doesn't accept my memory card from my camera.  I swear that I am trying.
I love you all,Elder Knight


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