November 26, 2018




Elder Soliz

Thanksgiving (and more computer problems)

Hello Everyone!
     This week was rather eventful.  We had a lot of traveling to do.  My sector (Vicuña) is the most remote sector in the mission.  It is two hours by bus away from the rest of our zone and even the rest of our district.  Every Monday, we have to head over there to have District meetings and then stay the night and travel back the next day.  As a result, exchanges also take a lot of time.  We had two exchanges this week, largely because Elder Soliz is the District leader and as a result, whenever he does an exchange, I do as well.  My first was with Elder Martin from Utah here in Vicuña.  It went well and we were able to make contact with a number of people.  The next day, we had to travel to La Serena again, because we had a Zone meeting.  We had been told that it was supposed to be at 11, turns out it was at 10.  Oh no!  Fortunately, we weren't the last ones to arrive.  Elder Soliz and I then had the two hours back to Vicuña.  Also, Friday, we had another exchange.  This time it was with the Zone leaders.  I was able to be with Elder Beltran from Bolivia in his district.  I was able to learn a lot in that time.  One amazing blessing was the power of teaching while contacting.  After we had traveled back to Vicuña and were waiting for our companions, we went contacting and were able to set two baptism dates in the first contact.  Those were Agnes and her daughter.  We set a visit for Sunday at eight with them.  When Elder Soliz and I went to their house, we found out that we couldn't have the visit right then.  Her baby was really sick and she was busy.  However, she was very excited about baptism for her and her daughter that is eight.
     Those dates were part of a miraculous day.  In my personal study, I had read in 2 Nephi 27 where the Lord says that He is a God of Miracles and does not change.  In that exact same day I saw a fulfillment of that promise.  I was blessed to see a number of miracles including baptism dates, a delivery of food, and the baptism of one of our investigators.  I was blessed to be a witness to the baptism of Jean Claudy Guibens aka Bob.  We have been teaching him since before my time here in the sector.  He was actually about an hour and a half late to his baptism and the Branch President was going to postpone it to the next day.  He had been waiting for a taxi to bring him from his pueblo and when we called him to let him know he said adamently "No! I want to be baptized today, now!" and he arrived shortly later.  We had a wonderful service in which I was blessed to translate his testimony from English into Spanish.  The next day he was confirmed in Sacrament meeting.  The night of the baptism I wa extremely joyous.  I just wanted to shout it from the rooftops that the church is true and that we are all children of God.
     It is very fitting that this week of many miracles and blessings came in the week of Thanksgiving.  We were unable to have the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but we were able to make do.  We seared up some pork, made baked potatoes in the microwave, and had popcorn with some peaches.  It was very nice and I am very grateful for it.  Unfortunately, once again I am unable to send pictures.  The computers that I have been using really do not like my SD cards.  They keep wanting to reformat them.  When I try to reformat it starts to load and then says that "Windows can not complete this action".  I am really sorry.  I hope to be able to send them soon.
     One interesting experience this week was a contact in English.  I was with Elder Martin and we were walking through the plaza.  We started to talk to a man and it turns out that he was Hungarian.  We began in Spanish and after a little bit he said to us "Can we speak... English... please?" At that point, Elder Martin and I both laughed and said sure.  It was actually harder than I expected.  I have gotten so used to contacting and talking about the church in Spanish that I was mixing up words and had to consciously think about the words I was saying.  Even simple words like with, I was switching with con.  That is surely a sign that I am learning the language and that the Gift of Tongues is real.
     That is about all for this week.  I really am sorry about the pictures once again.
I love you all!Elder Knight


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