November 19, 2018




Elder Soliz

Conferencia de Zona

Hello everyone!     This week we had our zone conference on Tuesday.  It was a great experience.  We all met at the stake center in La Serena.  We actually had two zones meet together.  The La Serena and Ovalle zones both were there.  We had a lot of instruction, especially about the "Light the World" initiative that is being run by the church.  I am very excited for it.  After the conference, Elder Soliz and I were fortunate enough to be driven the hour and a half back to our sector by President Romeu in his car.  While we were driving, we actually got low on gas, so we had to drive back about 10 minutes to find a gas station.  We then had our companionship and personal interviews in our pension.     This week we had a number of good people that we were able to find that we hope to begin teaching this coming week.  One person that we are teaching, Bob, is scheduled to have his baptism this coming Saturday, the 24 of November.  We are very excited for him.  On Sunday, we officially launched "Light the World" to the branch.  With it, we started a choir for the branch.  Our first meeting, we were blessed to have about 20 people there (we had about 25 at sacrament meeting that day for reference).  In addition, we got the commitment from every auxiliary to do a live nativity on December 22.  We hope that this will help to bring the branch closer together and allow everyone to feel the spirit of Christmas.     One day while we were walking back from Villaseca, (a little pueblito nearby) we saw a dying snake slither in front of us.  It had a large gash in its side with some of its innards sticking out.  I know it died because a few days later, I was walking the same road and saw it dead on the side of the road in the same spot.  That was rather interesting.     This week we had my first exchange.  I was working with Elder Christensen, a gringo from Utah, here in my sector.  As a result, I was in charge of the sector for the day.  It went rather well.  We were able to work a lot and get a lesson done with Bob.     I was blessed to have the opportunity to read Our Heritage this week.  One part that was very spiritual for me was while reading about the trials in Missouri.  In the book, the story of the Book of Commandments was related.  For me that story is very special because the two young women involved, Mary Elizabeth and Caroline Rollins, are two of my relatives.  I found the spirit come over me very strongly while reading their account, some of which was in their words.  I hope to be able to serve with as much valiance and courage as they did.     It looks like the computer I am using does not like my camera's SD card.  As a result, I am unable to send pictures at this moment.  Thank you all for all of your love and support!
Love,Elder Knight


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