November 12, 2018




Elder Soliz


Hello Everyone!
This week has been rather interesting. We spent all day last Monday in La Serena for a zone activity and a zone meeting. Because that was so late, we had to stay the night. Originally the plan had been for us to do exchanges that next day, but that ended up not happening. So, Elder Soliz and I traveled the two hours back to Vicuña. That night we had a lesson with the person we are focusing the most on. His name is Bob and he's a Haitiano that lives in the next pueblito over. He actually speaks a lot of English. We have been teaching him in the past with one of the members, Max, who is also a Haitiano and speaks Spanish, French, Creole, and very little English. In the course of the lesson and our next one with him, we discovered that he understands English a lot more than he understands Spanish. As a result, I am now explaining a lot more in English. The Lord truly works in miracles. We were supposed to have a visit with a less-active family after, but we had a fairly long walk left. While we were walking back, it "just so happened" that one of the members of the branch drove by and offered us a ride. Both times this week that we taught Bob, this same member has driven by and given us a ride.
This week I had the great opportunity to study and ready Our Search for Happiness by President Ballard of the Twelve Apostles. It was an amazing experience and he was able to explain very simply concepts that I know I will use while I teach. One of the most important for missionaries at least was that we can never do enough to pay back the Lord for all that He has done for us. All we can do is keep trying to live like our older brother and redeemer, Jesus Christ.
Every missionary has some slip-ups with the language. I guess at one point during planning this week I tried to say fourteen as our goal for contacts for the day, and Elder Soliz heard forty (catorce y cuarenta). Luckily, we were able to clear that up.
At one point in the middle of the town, they held a kind of parade with floats of countries from South America. For some reason, they also had the USA. It was kind of funny, because everyone on the USA float was wearing jeans, overalls, flannels, cowboy hats, and camoflauge. I guess they think that we are all country hicks in the States. They had one guy on the float wearing a Trump mask. All of them went crazy when they saw me.
Unfortunately, I am out of time and can't send pictures. We have zone conference this week with President Romeu, so that is exciting.
I'll send more pictures next week.
I love you all,
Elder Knight


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