November 5, 2018





Hello everyone!
     In the past two weeks I left the MTC, traveled to Viña del Mar, had training, and traveled to my new area in Vicuña, in the La Serena zone.  My new companion is Elder Soliz from Argentina.  He doesn't speak English, so I will be learning Spanish rather quickly out of necessity.
     Our sector (area) is a very small pueblo in the far north of the mission.  It is the farthest sector from the mission home.  As a result, we traveled ten hours by bus to get to it.  We have a small branch here, but many of the members are very strong.  As an effort to strengthen the branch, Elder Soliz and I are going to start a choir and hopefully teach one of the members how to play the piano.  They have been singing the same four or five songs in church for months.
     Right now, we're in La Serena because of a training, and we weren't able to get back to our pension before lights out, so I don't have my journal to remember all that went on in the past week.
     At the last devotional at the MTC, I was given the privelege of playing the piano for the Spanish version of the EFY Medley.  It went great, but my music kept falling off the stand.  I made some great friends there, and I hope to be able to get back in contact with them after the mission.
     One interesting experience that happened in Vicuña was while we were out contacting.  At one point we were walking past a row of houses and there was a few kids playing on a porch with their Grandma.  We we were on the other side of the street and said hello and kept walking a little bit.  Then I had the thought to go back and talk to them.  It turns out two of the people in the family are less active members.  That was a great experience and taught me a lot about how the Holy Ghost prompts us just with our own thoughts sometimes.
     P-Day is now on Monday (Lunes), so that is when I will be writing from now on.  I love you all!
Elder Knight
P.S.I forgot, when we got to Viña, they dropped us off at the flower clock, gave us a Book of Mormon and the Mission home address, and sent us off in twos to go find it by asking directions and getting contacts.  Some people were nice and some were rude.  Luckily, I was with Elder Pereira from Panama, so we were able to actually communicate correctly with the people.  A number of people that we talked to already had a Book of Mormon, but eventually we were able to give one out.
P.P.SOn Saturday, while we were contacting, we met a man who actually called out to us.  He said that he was from Argentina, but he had lived in New York for 16 years and spoke perfect English.  He doesn't live in our sector, but he is in our zone.  We're going to give his information to those Elders.  He said he didn't know why, but he wants to talk to Elders more.  He said that he wants to practice English, but I have a feeling that the Lord is also preparing him.
Okay, that's all (I think)
Love,Elder Knight

Elder Knight and Elder Soliz in the Zone Leaders' Pension
Viña del Mar Pics


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