October 24, 2018




English Fast What?!!

Hello Everyone!
     This week has gone by very quickly with less overall news.  Starting at 2105 last Wednesday, I and several of the other elders began an "English Fast".  We went for 24-hours only speaking Spanish.  It was difficult, but we were able to do it thanks to the great teaching that we've received and the blessings of the Gift of Tongues from the Lord.  Before we began that though, Elder Johnson and I were able to give out two Books of Mormon.  The first was to a young man sitting on a bench outside of a store whose family was Christian.  We shared with him 3 Nephi 11: 9-11 when Jesus comes down to the children of Lehi.  He seemed a little interested and accepted the Book of Mormon and gave us his address and phone number.  The second one was to a woman named Catalina.  Elder Johnson and I had been walking around for a few minutes and been trying to talk to a few people.  It was almost time for us to head back to the CCM, but we decided to try again.  We waited for a few minutes in a park looking around.  I said a small prayer asking for help and I had the thought to go talk to her.  She didn't know much about religion, but we shared the same verse and she seemed very interested.  We told her about prophets and how we have one today.  She seemed excited and asked what his name was.  We told her Russell M. Nelson.  She didn't know who she was, but she was enthusiastic when we told her that the Book of Mormon was a gift.  Hopefully the missionaries that are in the area will be able to get in contact with her and teach her.  When we got ready to leave, she got ready to give Elder Johnson the typical Chilean goodbye with a kiss on the cheek and both of us quickly leaned back and explained why not.  It was quite funny.
     We play a lot more soccer now that our exercise time is with Latinos.  I'm not very good with my foot skills, but I'm almost always chosen in the first pick because I've made my name as a goalie.  I guess not being afraid of getting hit by the ball is good for something.
     We work a lot with fake "investigators" that are played by our teachers.  They are true stories of people that have been taught by our teachers while they were on their missions.  Elder Johnson and I were able to "commit" one of them to baptism this week.  It was a really interesting experience.  We were short on time because we were the last group to go and we had dinner, but the lesson went really well.  It was a total of eight minutes, but we focused on Faith and the spirit.  As a result, she committed to baptism.
     My leg is almost completely healed at this point.  I no longer need a bandage.  Now it just looks like a bullet wound.  That will be a great story for when I get home.
     This will be my last e-mail from the CCM and I don't know exactly when I'll e-mail next time.  What I do know, is that it will be from Viña del Mar.
Love you all!Elder Knight

The Elders of District 1 (Elders Johnson, Bigler, Knight, Hansen, Christofferson, and Hatch)The Missionaries of District 1 (Top to bottom: Elders Johnson, Knight, Hatch, Bigler, Hansen, and Christofferson; and Hermanas Brooks, Trapnell, and Smith)
The central area of the "Sketch-Mall" (basically an indoor strip mall)
The North Americans of Job (Elders Johnson, Mathews, Knight, and Morris)


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