October 17, 2018





Hello everyone!
     This week was rather eventful.  Turns out that that spider bite from last week needed to be drained.  I found that out after e-mail time last week, so we got that taken care of later that day.  It is feeling much better. The doctor, Hermana Atkin, did a great job and my leg is almost completely healed now.  It just looks like a bullet wound at this point.  I'm glad I'm going to have a great story for after the mission.
     That day we had the new group start coming in.  We have 12 new North Americans and 24 Latinos.  All of them are great.
     On Friday, those of us that have been here since the 20th got the opportunity to go proselyting.  It was a great experience.  We went with missionaries from the Santiago East Mission.  I was partnered with Elder Riberiro.  He is from Brazil and speaks very little English.  However, I was able to understand a lot of what he said, and communicate with him pretty well.  It is an absolute testament to the power of the gift of tongues.  We didn't have much success contacting people or teaching.  Our appointments ended up falling through and almost every door we called to (we don't knock, we just yell "¡Allo!") didn't answer.  The few that did were leaving, so we just talked briefly and set up another time to maybe talk.  It was a womderful experience though, and I can't wait to get out into the field and learn more.
     I have officially killed two pens while here in the MTC.  There is so much writing that we do, and it is all important.  I have never gone through pens this quickly before.  
In Sacrament meeting, we had an interesting experience.  Every song sounded off and different.  We're not sure exactly what happened, because the pianist that they had is a very good player.  Elder Johnson and I believe that he was playing in some form of mode.  It was a unique meeting that's for sure.  

     On Sunday Elder Johnson and I had a neat experience with receiving guidance through the Holy Ghost.  We were preparing a lesson for a mock "friend of the church", (we're moving away from calling them investigators) and we had the opportunity to follow Elder Richard G. Scott's steps for receiving revelation.  These included the following: 1. Ask about a topic or question, 2. Ponder, 3. Write your impressions down, 4. Thank the Lord for what you receive, 5. Ask if there is more that He has for you, and 6. Repeat.  He stressed the importance of responding and replying to the first promptings.  In our lesson planning, Elder Johnson and I decided to follow his advice and we found that we had the best planning session that we had ever had.  It seemed like we were directly guided to what scriptures and questions we should lead with.
Well, that's about it for this week.  I love you all and thanks so much for all of your support.
Elder Knight

Some pictures of the temple and the progression of the spider bite.  Warning for the squemish.


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