January 14, 2019


Sierra Vista Zone


Jax Benjamin McKinney

2nd Transfer!

Hello everyone!

This week has been pretty good! Ask except, my companion had the flu. On those days when he couldn't do anything, I got some injury good studies in. I learned more about the Atonement and Christ's sacrifice for each of us. It is pretty amazing what He did, what He is doing, and what He'll do for us. I have an even deeper love for Him now and for our Eternal Father in Heaven.

We had the car for the weekend and we were able to go finding in a part of 3rd ward not accessible for bikes. That was pretty neat. That night, we did some more finding. We stopped at this one lady's house and she wasn't home. My companion got in the car and I didn't. I had this feeling we needed to knock on a door across the street. We did and as soon as they saw it was missionaries, they said that they're not interested and closed the door. I thought that maybe that was a test for me to see if I would follow a prompting, even though it didn't go anywhere. God does that a lot in our lives. He tests us to see if we'll do the right thing and follow Him. I want to tell you, follow Him! He know the best way for you!

We are teaching this one family who we have on date. We had to push their date back because they haven't been to church yet because the mother has kidney stones, gallstones, and possibly ovarian cancer. So, they are going through a really rough time. It would be great if you could keep them in your prayers!

Well, I think that's about all. I did a lot a studies because my companion had the flu so that why this email is so short and not much happened this week.

Well, I love my family and I love my God and my Savior! Remember that God is there. He is listening. He loves you and wants you to return back to His presence. You can do all things!


Elder Atkinson
Sierra Vista 3rd and 5th Wards

I forgot to add that on the 25th of January, our mission is having a mission wide conference and President Ballard will preside! We will also have several area seventy there! It will be amazing!


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