December 10, 2018


Sierra Vista Zone


Jax Benjamin McKinney

12/03/18 - 12/10/18

Hello everybody! This week has been pretty good! Went on my first exchange because my companion is District Leader. That was good. I handled it a lot better than I thought I would. We met a new person on that day and they seem very interested. The Elder that I did exchanges with is from North Pole, Alsaka. He's been out a year and like a week now, he's pretty cool.

I guess I forgot to say that my companion is from Memphis, Tennessee and has been out here since July. We get along pretty well. He says his last companion was not "good" at all. He was just a weirdo and everyone kinda ganged up on him. He's home now because his two years are up.

On Tuesday, we went to a horse rescue ranch and did some service there. I was one of the two in charge of scooping poop. It was not nearly as bad as it sounds. It hardly stunk at all.

On the exchange day, we went and helped a ward missionary who my companion and I think should be the 5th ward ward mission leader. We were there for like an hour and a half for a 20 minute job. He has a whole train track set up in his garage and it is awesome! I guess I know what I want to do when I'm retired.

And on Friday, I burned my friggin hand. I saw my companion trying to light some matches in the microwave. I went over to watch, looked at stove, and though, "I wonder if that's hot." I slapped my hand on it, pain, removed my hand, said, "Wow! That's hot!" I guess my companion had turned the stove on for just a second and I was stupid enough to try it. It was off when I slapped my hand on it, didn't make much of a difference. It felt fine for a while, then it really started to hurt. I ran my hand under cold water for like 10 minutes. We tried putting Aloe Vera on my hand, it hurt a little worse. Then I remembered the aquaphor I have. I slathered that on my hand and found a rubber glove in my first aid kit and put that on. You'll be glad to hear that the matches actually lit after about 15 minutes, yes minutes. Don't try it at home.

Thankfully, Saturday I only had one scheduled thing, and that was the 3rd ward Christmas breakfast. Nothing else was planned so I didn't have to bike. I knew I couldn't. We watched some videos from Preach my Gospel, The Testaments, some videos about Brigham Young and the early Saints. We didn't even have a dinner planned. Which reminds me, we get fed almost every night by members and the only time we need to fend for ourselves is for breakfast and lunch.

Sunday was long, but not as long as last Sunday. No ward council this week. So, only a little more than 7 hours at the church. We didn't go to a members house that night either, the sister gave us $20 because she knew she wouldn't be there so we bought a frozen pizza on p-day.

Other than all of that, I am loving it here! It is great and I love serving our Lord! On Saturday, I started reading Saints: Volume One. It is a great book! I am already 15 chapters in and I can hardly put it down!

I Know that Joseph Smith was called of God to restore His Gospel. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. This is God's restored Gospel and we are lead today by living prophets and apostles. God and Jesus Christ are real and living and guide Their Church today.

As I end every journal entry, I love my family with all my heart. I love my God and my Savior Jesus Christ.

Love you all!

Elder Atkinson



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