June 14, 2021


Mustang, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Transfer News!!

This week was pretty awesome! We found a couple of new people to teach, who seem like they have a lot of potential. We found this lady named Maggie. She is a single mom with two daughters. We taught her the restoration and she loved it and wants to read the Book of Mormon and start meeting with us more so that is super amazing! 

We taught Charlie this week, we haven't been able to get ahold of him for a while and we found out that it is because he got a job so that's great! We found out he is only available on the weekends and still would love to meet with us. Last Saturday he was struggling a lot with his alcohol addiction and we taught him the word of wisdom and the blessings that come from obeying it. He loved that and said that we wanted to obey it. We met with him again this Saturday and he has been clean for a whole week! He has shown so much faith it is amazing! We taught him the restoration and he loved that too and wants to start coming to church so we are super excited for him. 
Lastly, transfer news! We got transfer news last night and Eder Wayement and I will both be staying in Gilmer and we will be trio training! I'm so excited to be here for another transfer and even more excited for the opportunity to train. It will be so awesome! Well that's pretty much it, love yall! 
Love Elder Asplund Pic 1 the crew getting the gainz Pic 2 zone pday Pic 3 elder Drysdale rolling up to the gym like a beast! Pic 4 or friend Isaac gave his farewell! 


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