June 9, 2021


Mustang, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

21 Months!

Spiritual thought: I was reading something by Joseph Smith this week and this quote stood out to me "The Devil has no power over us, only as we permit" I loved this quote we must be diligent in what we are doing and be careful that we don't let the devil control aspects of our lives. We have the power through the Atonement of Jesus Christ to keep the devil out of our lives! If you are struggling with this, turn to your Savior and let him help you overcome those little aspects of your life that you are allowing the devil to take control of. 
The past 2 weeks have been pretty awesome! We have had some success with our finding and getting people to church. We also had an amazing mission tour with Elder Godoy from the Seventy, he talked a lot about the Atonement and how to use grace and the enabling power of the Atonement in our lives and in our missionary work. A Lot of people know about the grace aspect of the Atonement, but not a lot of people know about or use the enabling part of the Atonement which allows us BECOME better and become more like him, it also allows us to do things that without him would otherwise be impossible. I loved this part of his training and I know that it will play a huge part in my life and hopefully I will be able to help people use this in their lives. 
We have been having a lot of people progressing in these past couple of weeks. Last week we had 6 people come to church so that was amazing! We are starting to teach a little girl named Mikayla. She is such a sweet little girl and so smart it is really fun to teach her and it has truly showed me what Jesus said when he said to learn as little children. 
We also started teaching this guy named Dustin when we first met him we thought he was going to bash us! But as we  talked and testified of the Book of Mormon we saw his heart soften. It was truly amazing and we have had another lesson with him about the plan of salvation and he loved it and is super excited to read and learn more. So awesome to see someone so excited to learn! 
Our boy Ronnie is progressing so well he has a baptism date and he came to church this week! It was so amazing he has been clean from smoking and drinking for 4 weeks and has shown so much faith through the whole process. He is getting integrated into the ward and is excited to have more friends!
Our friend Charlie is doing good, he came to church and is reading the book of Mormon. He is still struggling with drinking but has a lot of faith and is wanting to change so we are excited to see him progress. We are teaching a cool couple named Chuck and Tracy, Tracy came to church and liked it a lot. She loves all the people and the ward really took her in. Things are going great and God is good! 
Pic 1: Exchanges with the zone leaders! What beasts! Pic 2 and 3: Dope lake we were at Pic 4: an amazing sunset! 
Love Eder Asplund


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