January 12, 2021


Mustang, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Corona Attack

Sorry....this is last week's email that I didn't send..
Spiritual thought: I just want to bear my testimony. It is very simple, I know Jesus Christ lives, I know that we have a Heavenly Father that Loves us and cares for us and knows exactly what's going on in our lives and what's best for us! I know that what I'm doing is the work of God and there is nothing I would rather be doing. I know that prayer works and that if you are ever feeling lonely, sad, afraid, or anything else you have a God that is willing and wanting to help you so turn to him. I love you and I hope you have had a great holiday season! 
Well it's been a min, my bad but here are some updates!1) Me and My companion have been in quarantine for the past week because we were exposed to the RONA. But we are out now because we tested negative so we are hyped about that! 2) This is the last week of the transfer and it's looking like a good one! We have a lot of lessons and things lined up so we are super excited for this week and hoping to make it a good one to end the transfer with! 3) Kenny is getting the priesthood this Sunday and we are so happy for him! 4) Christmas was amazing! Thank you all for all the Christmas wishes it made my day! It was so amazing to be able to serve during this season. Christmas Eve we were able to go with some members and hand out Burritos to the homeless that was so amazing and such a humbling experience, nothing better to do on Christmas than serve! 
Well that's basically it for me if you would like to know anything else please email me! 
Love Elder Asplund


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