December 7, 2020


Mustang, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Transported back to Utah!

Spiritual thought: This week I have watched the Christ Child video about 8 times and it's been amazing every time so if you haven't watched it yet go and watch it! Well every time I watch it what catches my attention is how much love you can see in the eyes of Joseph, The Shepherds, and The Wiseman. They had so much love for this little baby and what he was going to do for them made me think about how much I love the Savior and if I look at the savior with that much love in my eye! Please during this time of the year try and focus on your love for the Savior and try to develop your look of love for the savior to the point that it is like the Wisemen and the Shepherds and Joseph.
This week was a really good week and it went by so fast haha but it was a great week to start the transfer off with! Highlights1) This week we started to have all of our members lessons be about the Christ Child video and about Light The World . Any of you that know me know that this was literally the best thing ever! This time of the year is the best and it's so awesome to be able to be a missionary during this time of year and to be able to focus on the Savior! Yesterday we got to do a really fun activity for Light the World! We Christmas attacked some widowed members of our ward with some other members. It was super awesome and started off this time of the year with a bang! 
2) We had a huge service project this week where we cleaned up trees that were damaged by the ice storm at Lake Saleir. It was a whole stake service project so a lot of stake members came and all the missionaries from the zone came! When we got there we were all amazed because this lake looked exactly like we were in Utah! There were red rocks and cliffs all around this lake it was so awesome! We did this service project for about 6 hours and it was a ton of fun, it is always so amazing to be able to serve in the community and actually be able to make a difference. 
3) Kenny got baptized this week! We had a couple of really amazing lessons with Kenny this week and he was super prepared for his baptism and is excited to be able to go to the temple with his family! His baptism was on saturday and it was so amazing his whole family came and a lot of our ward members came. It was a super amazing experience for him and for us! He got confirmed on Sunday and you could really feel the spirit during it and he was just so happy he said he was so filled with the spirit it was just pouring out so awesome! 
Love you all, Elder Asplund
pics 1-2: Kennys baptism pic 3: district councilpics 4-6: service project


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